Integrating a Wide Range of Foam Materials and Fabrication Techniques, FoamInsider Has Been a Leading Foam Product Supplier Dedicated to Providing Premium Foam Products for Customers Worldwide. We are Competent to Provide One Stop Services and Innovative Custom Solutions to Meet Diverse Needs of Various Applications and Industries.


Making a qualified foam product from the very beginning to end can never be easy as you think. It would involve raw material selection, fabrication technique feasibility, packaging design, logistics arrangement and so much. While considering the fact of this in foam industry, FoamInsider comes to integrate and coordinate to make foam fabrication done in a professional and controlled way. We see us as a combination of endless guaranteed foam materials and reliable fabrication capabilities that our customers can greatly benefit from to stay ahead.


FoamInsider has been a specialized foam product supplier providing a broad range of foam materials, fabrication capabilities and customized value added services. With easy access to vast foam materials and other related materials, we are able to make foam products according to specific requests from customers. Utilizing state-of-art and various fabrication machinery, foam products can be made in a sophisticated and precise way. FoamInsider also offers custom tailored services and solutions for handling complicated customer case.


Qualified Foam Materials

FoamInsider provides a wide range of foam materials including both closed cell and open cell foam which works for various industries and applications.

Versatile Foam Materials

FoamInsider has access to provide a wide range of foam materials based on customer requests. From raw material to produced foam materials, FoamInsider is experienced to deliver high quality fabrication materials.

Reliable Fabrication Capabilities

Utilizing full set of foam fabrication machinery, FoamInsider provides one stop service capable of making custom foam products in various shapes and sizes.

State-of-Art Fabrication Machinery

Integrating full set of foam fabrication capabilities including die-cutting, foam slitting, lamination, thermoforming, FoamInsider is capable of undertaking complicated customer cases.

Sophisticated Industrial Expertise

FoamInsider is with people who have vast industry experience in foam materials and products to provide professional advice for making an ideal foam products.

Specialized Foam Supplier

Digging into foam industry, FoamInsider has vast experience on various foam products working for a variety of industries and applications, which can guide you to make wanted foam products.

Guaranteed Product Quality

From raw material to finished foam products, product packaging and logistics, we are dedicated to delivering the best outcome for every customer.

Quality Safety Guardian

FoamInsider stands at customer’s side. We move ahead step by step and insists on keep up with high quality foam products for customers. Finished foam product along with packaging would be inspected before shipment.

Highly Collaborative Team

FoamInsider is supported by a group of specialized partners and facilities working as a team. We keep on providing proffesional communication with customers.

People with know-Hows

People with know-how, talents and experiences are raised here at FoamInsider and given opportunities for their career path. Our people can be your competent business supporter.

Custom Value Added Services

Making a whole thing is never easy! We are skilled to provide a broad range of helpful value added service that is customized and pinpointed.

Custom Service Provider

FoamInsider is powerful more than you imagined. We provide customers with custom tailored services including foam material development, machinery upgrading, custom packaging and fulfillment assistance.


FoamInsider has been a specialized foam product supplier in foam industry, and provides the upmost availability of foam materials, fabrication techniques, industry expertise, technical solutions and custom value added services. Resources and benefits you will get from us include: