Vinyl Dip Coating

Vinyl dip coating is similar to other coating process which results in add a layer of protective plastic coating on materials. Dip coating is a popular fabrication method usually used for metal and solid plastic. Regarding foam products, we use Plastisol, a liquid form of PVC vinyl as coating material to working upon surface of foam materials.

Dip coating is widely used in various industries and applications to enhance product performance, raise hand grip or improve product flexibility. The PVC vinyl dipped product can be found in automotive industries, medical parts, sports goods, tool handles, appliances and so on.

After treatment of vinyl dip coating, foam pads, sheets or die cut foam parts can be made with a colorful, comfortable and smooth surface or texture. The typical plastisol coating color includes blue, red, orange, black, yellow, green according to customer requests.

Foam products with vinyl dip coating surface can perform excellently on many aspects of properties such as ultra-low water resistance, wear resistance and high flexibility. Dip coating can make foam products in an eye-catching color. It also helps improve chemical resistance, UV resistance, insulation ability of foam materials.

Main Advantages:

  • PVC vinyl dip coating result in ultra low water absorption and high buoyancy.
  • Enhanced flexibility, durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Versatile to be used in various industries such as automotive, medical device, toys, marine industries etc..

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  • Foam Sheets
  • Foam Gaskets
  • Foam Composites
  • Custom Foam Products
  • Marine Foam Products
Vinyl Dip Coating for Floating Life Jackets
Plastisol Dip Coating Raw Material for Foam Products