Heat Embossing

Heat embossing is a foam fabrication process which can make foam sheets or rolls with texture pattern surface. The embossed texture surface can lead to enhanced anti-slip performance, and make foam surface quite unique and different.

Simply speaking, heat embossing technique utilize heat and pressure upon foam material surface, so that foam sheets can be embossed and heated with a custom pattern. Before using heat embossing, you must make sure a custom metal made roller with custom pattern has been made. Without the roller mold made, you will not be able to exploit this fabrication technique. The roller will be heated to a required temperature, then foam material can be inserted through the roller. After passing through mandrel, the embossed foam sheet or roll can be finally made.

Heat embossing can be used on a broad range of foam materials, such as EVA foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam. After treatment of heat embossing, foam sheet or roll can be with an anti-slip texture surface and eye-catching appearance. They are suitable to use as foam mats, foam pads, foam gaskets etc..

Main Advantages:

  • Efficient way to make embossed foam sheets or rolls
  • Available to make various embossing pattern for foam materials
  • Versatile to work on a wide range of foam material including EVA foam and PE foam.

Related Foam Material:

  • EVA Foam
  • Polyethylene Foam


  • Foam Sheets
  • Foam Rolls
  • Foam Gaskets
  • Foam Packaging
  • Foam Composites
Foam Heat Embossing Process
Heat Embossing Texture Surface