PVC Foam

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foam is one of the most superior closed cell foam material. It has smooth outer skin looking similar to vinyl Nitrile foam with an appearance like leather material. Closed cell PVC foam is a soft and flexible foam material which has great performance on shock absorption, low water absorption, quick recovery, moisture resistance, wear resistance and noise reduction. It is also available in a wide range of foam densities ranging from around 90kg/m3 to 260 kg/m3. Soft PVC foam is offered in large roll forms that are quite suitable for all types of die-cutting and foam slitting process. In roll form, PVC foam rubber can be easily made with PSA adhesive backing or without. It is frequently used as foam sealing gaskets, tapes or pads for industries like automotive, construction, building, military, electronics and appliance market etc..

Physical Properties:

  • Flexible, soft, cushioning sponge material
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Offered in a wide range custom foam densities
  • High resilience and quick recovery with low compression set
  • Naturally made with skin surface on both sides

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior performance at shock absorption, dust seal, noise reduction
  • Moisture resistance with ultra low water absorption
  • Resistance to weather, oil, light and chemicals.
  • Available in both large rolls and sheet materials

Applications & Industries:

  • Foam Sealing and Gasketing Application
  • Automotive Foam Parts
  • PVC Foam Tapes
  • Glass and Glazing Industry
  • HVAC Industry
  • Construction and Building