Foam Sheets

All kinds of foam materials can be easily fabricated into custom foam sheets or foam blocks. Sheet size can be custom cut based on the original foam material size and custom requirements. With skiving cutting and bandsaw cutting, large foam buns or blocks can be cut into small and thin foam sheets. Sometimes, cutting foam sheet will require CNC contouring cut. Both closed cell foam and open cell foam can be precisely cut into foam sheets. The custom cut foam sheets are used in a wide range of industries including packaging, construction, transportation, household and so on.

Foam Materials:

  • EVA Foam
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Polypropylene Foam
  • Vinyl Nitrile Foam
  • Silicone Foam
  • PVC Foam
  • Foam Rubbers – Neoprene foam, EPDM foam and SBR foam

Fabrication Capability:

  • Skiving Cutting
  • Bandsaw Cutting
  • Die Cutting
  • Compression Cutting
  • CNC Contour Cutting
  • Foam Lamination
  • Heat Embossing
  • Foam Printing

Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile material for making other foam products
  • Both closed cell foam and open cell foam can be made into sheets
  • Useful to work for many applications and industries

Applications & Industries:

  • Cushion Packaging Products
  • Medical Foam Parts
  • Protective Insert Liner
  • Flooring Underlay
  • Foam Mats
  • Craft and Art Projects
  • Heat Insulation and Waterproof Solution
  • Other Foam Fabrication Products