FoamInsider offers a broad range of guaranteed foam material including both closed cell and open cell foam, and are capable of making foam materials with special performance and properties.

Black Closed Cell EVA Foam

EVA Foam

EVA foam is one of the most frequently used foam materials which is typical closed cell foam used for various industries. EVA foam provide excellent perform on impact absorption, moisture resistance, heat insulation and tear resistance etc..

Closed Cell Crosslinked PE Foam Sheet

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam, so called PE foam, is cross-linked closed cell foam material. Due to its superior performance on cushioning and insulation, buoyancy, PE foam is widely used in industries such as construction, packaging and so on.

Open Cell PU Foam Sheet

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is one of the typical open cell foam materials, and it provides excellent impact absorption, sound proofing performance. PU foam is available in various densities mostly used in furniture upholstery and packaging application.

Black Closed Cell PVC Nitrile Foam

Vinyl Nitrile Foam

Vinyl Nitrile foam also called PVC/ NBR foam is a very soft and flexible foam material which can be made in both closed cell and open cell structure. Nitrile foam rubber has natural flame retardant ability and superior heat insulation and vibration damping.

EPP Polypropylene Foam Sheets

Polypropylene Foam

Polypropylene foam (EPP foam) is closed cell foam material, and it is made of lots of small polypropylene beads by molding method. EPP foam material is eco-friendly, recyclable and lightweight which provide excellent impact absorption and thermal insulation.

Silicone Foam Sheet

Silicone Foam

Silicone foam is a flexible and durable closed cell foam material with superior properties on shock absorption, tear resistance, waterproofing. Silicone sponge can work during a large range of temperature and is of weather resistance.

Closed Cell PVC Foam Sheet

PVC Foam

PVC foam is soft closed cell sponge with skin surface on both sides. It is excellent to use for sealing, cushion, gasketing and insulation applications. Closed cell PVC foam perform well on waterproofing, noise reduction and tear resistance.

EPDM Foam Rubber Sheet

Foam Rubbers

Foam rubbers is a large group of foam family that includes Neoprene Foam, EPDM Foam, SBR Foam. Foam rubber materials are typically soft, flexible and resilient which have impressive performance on cushioning, sealing and insulation.