Vinyl Nitrile Foam

Vinyl Nitrile foam so called PVC Nitrile foam, PVC NBR foam or nitrile sponge rubber is one type of closed cell foam rubber made by blend of PVC and Nitrile rubber material. It can also be specially made in open cell structure. Vinyl Nitrile foam is produced by extruding foaming methods, and has smooth outer skin on surface very similar to PVC foam. Nitrile foam comes in large roll format availble in cutsom colors and densities. It is quite flexible, resilient, latex free and comes naturally with flame retardant feature. Nitrile foam rubber also performs well on shock absorption, thermal insulation, moisture, weather and oil resistance. After finishing with special surface coating, Vinyl Nitrile foam can be made as floating pads or sheets for marine market or water sports. Due to its outstanding advantages, Nitrile foam are widely used in industry such as construction, automotive, sports and appliance markets.

Physical Properties:

  • Mostly in closed cell structure with open cell structure available
  • Extruded foam roll with skin on both sides
  • Tear resistance and long term durability
  • Excellent at vibration absorption and heat insulation
  • Resistance to chemical, oil and solvents

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in various foam densities and colors
  • Easy to be fabricated into foam tapes, pads, gaskets and so much
  • Offered in both closed cell and open cell foam structure
  • Flexible material for long term durability
  • Naturally comes with flame retardant ability

Applications & Industries:

  • Cushion Foam Materials
  • Construction and Building
  • Automotive Foam Parts
  • HVAC Industry
  • Appliance Market
  • Marine Products
  • Industrial Cushion and Insulation Material